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World's first real trend monitor to start selling before the 🚀 takes off!

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Michael Reichstamm, MSc

eCommerce Expert &
6 figures store owner


I am Mike, and I hit just a few months ago a 6 figure in drop shipping store, and during this journey I realised that it’s quite impossible to track and follow a lot of keywords and new product trends.

I came up with this idea which is almost done in terms of development, that can save you time, and a lot of money spent on Facebook, and or Google. You can target better your audience and more than that, you will be on the market, way before the product will hit the fan.

Basically the platform consists in scraping out google data, and with our proprietary algorithm will be able to forecast a winning product's keyword.

The most important is that you get a warning on a specific keyword way before the market would be over saturated, so that you can hit the peak of the sales by that time, as this usually happens now.

So guys, is you are interested to join this „venture“  and you sign up, you will be the first to get notified when we open our doors!

Don't forget, this platform will be invitation only, so the seats are going to be quite limited.

You need a Google Trends Monitoring Tool!

Without ®

  • You will miss new upcoming product trends and start your new shop too late.
  • You have to check every keyword manually.
  • You can find popular keywords only in a time consuming research.
  • Certain periods of time are displayed with less data and you only have weekly (no daily) data points.
  • Google is showing you partial data over time, and this it becomes very hard to do a prediction with missing information, this is why we keep monitoring the keywords daily and use our own data 

With ®

  • You can create a project, which contains a list of keyword variants to track them at once.
  • You have an easy list of your keywords and you can see upcoming trends with our amazing forecasting  algorithms in seconds!
  • We constantly check your keywords for new data from google trends in background!
  • You can organise your keywords in projects and categorise for example every product extra!
  • We help you to find new popular keyword ideas to grow your keyword list, so that you don't forget an important keyword.
  • This tool can work for you while you are sleeping :)

Why is Google Trending so important for e-Commerce?

Sell products for current trends

Fore every professional product research, you have to find out the current trend of the product. The best time to sell a new product is on an uptrend - the worst time is if the product is saturated or in a downtrend. 

Promote Your Store Around Seasonal Trends

Seasonal trends play an important role in the success of your business. Throughout the year there’ll be peaks and dips that will impact your monthly sales. During peak season, competition and sales will increase in full force. During the dips, you might start selling seasonal products. Let’s break this down with a “winter” product: gloves.

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